Banana/Oatmeal Pancakes <3

January 23, 2016

 So yes! I'm fan of making pancakes of different forms, one of my very favorite is the banana/oatmeal recipe that I've been modifying a lot! But here it is, very simple, healthy (by healthy I mean yummy too), and quickly.




- 1 cup of oatmeal

- 1 bannana

- 1 cup of milk (soya or almond)

- 1 tea spoon of powder

- fruits of your choise 

- honey


Just mix everything, add a little bit of butter on tha pan and wait until it smells like bannana, then you twist it and the same process. Put your favorite fruits on top and add syrup, I use one made of flowers honey, so it's a natural way to put some sweet into it.


Hope you like it and dare to to it!!






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January 18, 2016

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