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Urban intervention

Theme of the project : Breaking of the daily routine and promote citizen participation were the main factors characteristic and to carry out the project.
A tour of Bogotá becomes a race against time , the passersby wont stop and don't wants to percive the city and its different dynamics. The chaos of mobility, and anonymity of the masses abandon our icons , we transform our city too much to return it and modify it back without personality. We convince ourselves belonging to a city, a great city , the capital.


But the question is , how many historical icons we actually recognize in Bogota?

And we do not mean an old neighborhood, a statue or monument poorly maintained , we are talking about those factors that were from the beginning in the city , of which it was nurtured and which went on to become what is now , those lost icons that need recognition of citizens.


Workshop: the alterego of the city

Roberto Cuervo

The Idea:

Luisa Mejia

Natalia Duarte

Angela Torres

Camila Borrero

Andres Galeano

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