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Sustainable fashion magazine

With every day that goes by we become more aware of the damage that the fashion industry is doing to the world. Environmental campaigns, shocking videos and a general feeling of discomfort have been slowly smudging the beatiful face of fashion.


Not only have designers and brands taken action, but fashion lovers and buyers want to get their hands on more eco-friendly apparel, sadly the biggest trouble is finding it. This is just another sign that the time has come to take a stand against the shallow and inconsiderate sense over which that the industry has long stood on.


SOS - Environmental Culture
JULY 2015
No 00

Editorial Board Design - Design and layout:

Carolina Camargo

Camila Borrero

Vanessa Cervini

Natalia Duarte


Pictures and text contained in this publication are for academic purposes only. This is a student project and there’s no commercial intent regarding the content.



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Materia Rinnovabile

International magazine about bioeconomy and circle economy.


Ambiental edition

October - December 2015


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Communication Design Master
Web Design

Problem:  Culinary traditions in Colombia have been lost over time.

Research question: How to get to know better the traditional Colombian food, and make new

generations part of a recovery of this gastronomic collective memory?

Why? / How?

Traditions have being lost because of two important elements: Globalisation Colombian food habits nowadays it is so filled with fast food items and international traditions that made our traditions look less valuable.

Lack of interest


The ancestral way in which people cooked in the past, no longer exists because that knowledge was lost between generations. It is therefore important to recognise gastronomic narrative as a cultural element of identity construction.


The gastronomical culture that Colombian natives had is a very important part of this research, but also the mixture of the cultural

cuisine that came from Europe.


What it really gives an identity to the currently food in Colombia is the gastronomical/cultural mixture. Ingredients that arrived from different places on the world and those

that remain. The origin of a huge amount of ingredients that are part of Colombian

food came from other countries.

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